Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Taking the Step into Indie Publishing

I've discovered there's a good side and a bad side to having spent years writing without actively seeking publication. I have, as my husband likes to call it, a veritable woodpile of manuscripts. It does mean I have plenty to choose from when it comes to sending things out to publishing houses--and that is a great problem to have.

The bad part is my woodpile is far from silent. I can't get those other manuscripts still waiting out of my head. And I can't get them out fast enough to silence their clamoring. I also realized while working with editors at two different publishing houses at the same time that trying to speed up that process would cost me my sanity. Don't get me wrong. The editors and the publishers are great. I've learned a lot, and they've improved the manuscripts I've given them, along with my own attention to detail. I will continue to send them manuscripts which I hope they will continue to publish, but I also wanted to try something on my own.

The Brotherhood of the Guardians series is that experiment. Call them the knights in shining armor of the vampire world, but these guys break a lot of rules when it comes to vampire mythology. So, if you're a Dracula-style vampire purist you won't be happy with me. However, as a writer, I've found there's only so much control I have over my characters. Please don't call the psych doctors, but it's a little like having people living inside your head. I just tell their stories. So welcome to the world of the vampire accountants. Okay, they're really financial advisors, but they have a real kick-ass side to them too.

In addition to Gabriel (whose story is book #3), there's Michel (pronounced me-shell), Michael, Mikhail, Miguel, Michaly and Mick. OMG--did I really put all those forms of Michael together?? Yes, all forms of the name Michael--one of the Guardian Angels--and the impetus for the series name.

Right now, my plans are focused only on ebooks with this series, but we'll see. In the meantime, I'm still shifting through the woodpile. Depending on how things go...well, who knows.

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