Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Guardian Michel: On Sale Now

Description: Lilly Evans has a past she's buried from everyone, including herself. From the moment she meets the mysterious Michel de Valois, memories she'd just as soon forget push their way from dream to reality. When she realizes he is a vampire, the horror of her past could pull them apart forever.

Michel recognizes Lilly as soon as he sees her. What he doesn't know is if she can accept the past they share and the vampire he has become. To regain her love and save her very life, he'll have to call on his brothers, The Guardians, for help. In the end, the choice is between Lilly's life and her love. .

Excerpt: Lilly picked up the big zoom lens, loving the weight and feel of it in her hands. There was power there, power to freeze time. Scanning the horizon, she zoomed in on a few gulls, winging, diving and standing still in the wind. She followed one to the surface of the water only to see it abruptly cut its dive short, and with a startled cry, wing up and away.
Something moved in the water several hundred feet offshore. Lilly zoomed in closer and could make out the indistinct form of arms and a head. A swimmer on a day like today? Was the person crazy? Or was someone truly in trouble? Lilly clicked. The swimmer drew closer, but on a path that would intersect the shore north of where she stood. So, not someone in trouble, simply someone who must have a death wish to be swimming with a storm headed in.
As she continued to click, she felt again the sensation of being watched. It was the same tingle she had felt first in Charlevoix and then again as she snapped pictures out in the woods that first day. The urge was overpowering; Lilly wanted to drop the camera and look around. She was being paranoid. She fought the feeling down, unwilling to lose her opportunity, her camera lens glued to the swimmer. As the light changed, she adjusted, and almost before it seemed possible, he rose from the pounding waves as if he were doing no more than emerging from a swimming pool. In surf that would make most adults stagger out of the water, he moved as gracefully as if he walked on dry land.
He shook sleek dark hair like a seal sloughing off water before he pushed it back from his forehead. His body rippled with muscles as if it had been sculpted. Lilly’s hands shook. A sense of familiarity overwhelmed her until she thought: Michelangelo’s David had come to life. Long-limbed and muscular, not an ounce of fat on him, nor a stitch of clothing for that matter, he moved with a grace that was catlike. She continued to click as if hypnotized, hands shaking and breath coming in gasps, and then as she concentrated on framing what she saw in the viewfinder, he turned and looked at her. His expression was unsmiling, not annoyed but searching, and Lilly had the odd feeling that he wasn’t just looking in her direction, he was looking at her.
Her breath stopped. She felt a shock again, almost like recognition, but that couldn’t be. She had never seen this man before in her life. She would have remembered. Oh, yes, she would have remembered this man.

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