Tuesday, May 5, 2015

An Interview with Special Delivery's Hero, Jake Allred

We’re one week away from the release of Special Delivery the opening book of my new series, Mountain Meadow Homecomings. Jake Allred joins me today. He’s the good guy in Special Delivery.
Me: Thanks for agreeing to this at the last minute.
Jake: You’re welcome.
Me: How does it feel being such a stand-up kind of guy?
Jake: Did Evan put you up to this?
Me: No. He might have mentioned that you hated that label so I should make sure to use it, but honestly, Jake, everyone around town talks about how friendly you are. Well, maybe not Betty Gatewood.
Jake: (leans back in his chair and rolls his eyes as he crosses his arms across his broad chest.) She’s not exactly my number one fan.
Me: I got that impression. She’s kind of nosy too. Is the whole town that way?
Jake: Pretty much.
Me: You know, I have to ask…if that’s the case, why on earth did you come back? I mean none of your family’s here anymore…
Jake: It’s my home. I needed that after the military. And before you go off in that direction…that topic is not up for discussion.
Me: But…
Jake: Seriously. I’ve talked to Holly and Evan about it, but that’s it. I appreciate your tact in handling it, although you could have left out the nightmares.
Me: It’s kind of central to who you are, what motivates you.
Jake: Making a home in the place I love motivates me.
Me: (It’s my turn to roll my eyes.) You know, you can be such a guy sometimes.
Jake laughs and arches a brow.
Me: All right. Tell us something about your family.
Jake: I have one older brother, two younger brothers and a sister.
Me: (I wait, but nothing else is forthcoming.) Jake…come on. You can elaborate more than that.
(Holly sticks her head in the doorway.)
Holly:  Jacob Allred! Quit giving that woman a hard time and talk to her.
(Jake gets this gooey expression on his face as he stares at Holly. She smiles at him and he grins as though he’s just grabbed all the gifts from under the Christmas tree. The grin fades as he turns back to me.)
Jake: All right. My older brother, Luke, is a veterinarian in Fairfax. Works for some big, fancy small animal practice. He’s married and has two kids—a boy and a girl. Then there’s me, and I’m followed by my twin brothers, Noah and Caleb. Noah’s a photographer. Travels all over the place. Haven’t seen him in a while.  Caleb’s got a bar on the coast. Then there’s Becca, the baby. She’s a chef at some fancy restaurant. That girl loves to cook.
I can hardly believe Jake has strung so many words together at one time. It must be the power of Holly.
Me: What about your parents? (I look down at my notes.) John and Mary?
Jake: Dad decided he wanted to retire to one of those places where he didn’t have to lift a finger except to pick out his next golf club. So they’re in Florida. Don’t see that lasting. He’ll get bored.
Me: What about your other siblings?
Jake: (Shrugs) Who knows? Wouldn’t mind having them back. Are we done?

Me: (sighs) Yes. Thanks for helping out.
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