Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bring on the Wassail--Please!

You know, every year I swear I’m going to get in the Christmas spirit. Really. I’ll decorate earlier, better and I faithfully pledge to take better care of the Christmas tree so that when I pull it down after the New Year it’s not because the Fire Inspector chastised me for crunchy tree needles.
But Christmas seems to fly in and out faster and faster, and after the New Year rings in I’m left to wonder, what did it really mean?
Sure, the economy’s not great, but it’s not the complete inability to satisfy my child’s every Christmas whim that has me on edge.
It’s just a feeling that something’s getting lost along the way. I’m looking for a little peace on earth and good will toward men. That’s really all I desire.
So, once again, I’m going to irritate my spouse when he asks what I want for Christmas because my reply will be—nothing. At least not anything that can be bought and wrapped and placed beneath the tree to be ripped open on Christmas morning.
I want my family around me without the laundry list of gimmes or gots. I want to feel like I’ve made someone else’s holiday better because I could help them in some way.

Last year’s Holiday hangover resulted in the writing of Santa’s Helper, which releases today from The Wild Rose Press. Jack, the hero, is covering a bet he’s lost by ringing a bell and collecting money for charity. Merry, the heroine, is working three jobs to support her and her son—one of them is as a Santa’s elf at the mall. She’s filled with the Christmas spirit and Jack’s not, even though it seems like the opposite should be the case. The attraction is instant, but Jack’s got a secret that could make even Merry say, “Bah, humbug!”
What are the things that put you in the holiday spirit? Leave a comment and I’ll put your name in a drawing for a copy of Santa’s Helper. Drawing will take place Sunday, 12/11 at 10 p.m. Good Luck. the next post and leave a comment there too. You'll be entered in a drawing for my contemporary romance Bittersweet. It released Monday.


  1. Good morning, Laura. Love that cover! Putting up the tree really kicks me into the spirit. My boys are grown now, but the twinkle in my G babies' eyes and the way their feet can't keep still as we pull out the decorations is a joy. And though he's twenty-one and pretends he's too cool, my youngest son always seems to show up to grumble about having to help as we rediscover those goodies in the Christmas trunk.

  2. This sounds like such a great book! I love the holidays. They are so magical, although as I grew older they don't seem as much anymore, but I want to pass on that same magical feeling for my son, who is two.

  3. Hi, Laura! Love the cover! Sounds like a cute holiday story.

    What gets me in the mood for Christmas is decorating my house. I don't go to extremes, though. Just a few decorations and lights to make the dark winter days seem a little less dreary.

    I'm not really into shopping. I usually end up getting gift cards unless I know what someone on my gift list really wants. I just want to enjoy some family time during the holidays. Don't want end up stressed out or rushed. I've really downsized everything over the years so I can breathe and take in the sights and sounds of the season.

  4. Christmas spirit? Watching "A Charlie Brown's Christmas." Expouses exactly your line of thinking, Laura. Merry Christmas! (And winning a copy of your book, maybe, huh???)

  5. Congratulations go to Nikki for winning the drawing for Santa's Helper. Please email me with contact info at