Saturday, June 18, 2011

Laura's Looking for Horse Feed, so I'm Here

Hi, Laura is out feeding her horses and trying to find something to keep the flies off of them this summer, so she asked me to handle her blog post for her today.
First, let me introduce myself. I’m Wynter O’Reilly. Well, it’s Wynter Anderson now. I still haven’t really gotten used to the fact that I’m now Mrs. Nelson Anderson. What a hoot! It’s a real story of girl from the wrong side of the tracks finding the perfect guy, who just happens to be the CEO of one of the biggest computer electronics firms in the country. And it started off with me shoveling sh…oops, make that manure…in Nelson’s show jumping stable. It took us a while to find our happy ending, but we did—really thanks to Laura.
Let me tell you how we met.
Laura has fox hunted for years, so I met her while I was still working for the Southards in Virginia. She had to give it up for a while, but she’s still hoping to go back to it. Anyway, it’s the horse connection. Even though she’s not really into show jumping herself, she does enjoy watching it—and any horse sport for that matter because she’s been riding since she was six years old. It was seeing all those various characters around different horse venues, plus traveling to events—hers and her stepson’s—that eventually gave her the idea, well, for me.
Nelson and I sure are glad about that, although, it certainly would have been nice if she’d made it a little easier on both of us to get together. I mean, couldn’t she have given me rich parents and a big house? But, I guess not. Then I wouldn’t have Mama, and we probably wouldn’t have met Wythe who’s been like a big brother/surrogate dad to me. Plus, if I hadn’t had it so tough, I’m not sure I would have been so determined to get an education. After all, it was trying to get into Duke that led me to Nelson’s doorstep.
He was a totally different man then. Some people would tell you he was broken. Losing a wife and child the way he did, well it would destroy a lot of people. Not Nelson. In his own way, he’s just as determined as me. Good thing. If he wasn’t, I’m not sure I’d be here now to write this. You can find out more about what happened to us and how we got together July 4th. That’s when Laura’s book Winning Heart comes out from Lyrical Press.
In the meantime, I’ve been telling Laura she needs to take this summer to get back in the saddle again while she’s taking a break from teaching English. Her mares are getting fat and lazy…hint, hint.
LOL…great talking to you all today…you really should get Laura to let more of us show up in her blog. There’s a bunch of our friends—Chris and Anna, Seth and Tessa—anyway, a whole bunch of us that would love to talk to you.

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  1. Will the next book be about people on horses with swords? UNC? Hahaha. (MUCH harder to get in than Duke...) Good seeing you yesterday. I will have some time to READ today - Yay!! I am loving Silkie's Call; Silkie's Salvation is next on the night stand...

  2. As a NC State fan, I guess I can forgive your heroine trying to get into Duke. They do have a pretty Dark Blue color. (As opposed to that other school with the baby blue color.)

    I always wanted a horse. :)

    Can't wait for the book to come out.

  3. Yeah for horsies! Love the cover! Good luck!

  4. Laura, Congrats on your new release! What a way to celebrate our Nation's independence. And what a great blog. Very original format. I learned a bit more about you and a lot about your book and heroine. The story sounds intriquing. I love horses, but I'm a lousey horse owner. No training. No dedication...unfortunately. My grandmother gave me a horse for my 13th birthday. A paint pony, actually. I rode it some, tended it less, and neglected it painfully after getting my license. My grandfather got tired of taking up the slack and sold it. I learned a valuable lessen. Horses are as much work as children and you really need to know what you're doing!

  5. What a fun approach to your story -- have your character do all the talking! I love horses, and the story sounds fabulous. Great lesson on how to take something you love and turn it into a compelling story idea. Gorgeous cover, too! I look forward to reading it.

  6. Sounds like a fantastic book! I used to ride before college, and I miss it so much. Glad to see a romance with a strong horse presence! It really takes a rider to know what goes on in a stables.